"They were excellent swimmers, and have as little fear of the sea as dolphins" — Antonio Pigafetta, with Magellan's Squadron, 1521

"We were also witnesses to what we had heard talk about many times, which is that these islanders have no equals in the world in the art of swimming." — Speilbergen's Voyage, 1616

Dolphin Club Saipan

Dolphin Club Saipan (DCS) is the water safety program of 500 Sails. Our program is inspired and supported by our friends at the San Francico Dolphin Swimming & Boating Club.

Being able to swim is a requirement for sailing a 500 Sails canoe or building your own canoe with 500 Sails. It is also a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. If you don't know how to swim, we will teach you!

Free Adult Learn-to-Swim Classes

Dolphin Club Saipan is pleased to offer FREE swim lessons to adults with little or no swim experience. Lessons are fun and do not require advance booking. Instruction is tailored to the skill levels of the participants who show up on any particuliar day. Appropriate swim wear is whatever is comfortable, from shorts and t-shirts, to rash guards and swim wear. Swim goggles are provided.

Our swim program focuses on open-water, distance swimming. Our graduates are able to swim a mile or more comfortably and safely. We teach all ages of adults from 18 up, with many of our swimmers in the 40-60 years age range. We especially welcome those who need help getting over their fear of water.

Class Schedules